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 Executive Physical


Our executive physical is a comprehensive TWO-day look at your overall health. Using today's medical advances we screen you for as much as possible and reasonable.

One week prior to the exam: We mail or email you the health history forms to fill out at home, and you will have your labs drawn so the results are ready at the time of the exam.  

Day 1: Norcoss Family Medicine office in Rolling Hills Estates

Meet and discuss your health history with Dr. Norcross.

Thorough physical exam including skin check, prostate check(men), PAP/pelvic exam(women).


Exercise Treadmill Exam

CIMT Artery Scan

Spirometry test

Hemoglobin A1C

Full Body CT Scan (Diagnostic and Wellness Center at Harbor UCLA)
Coronary Artery Score CT (Diagnostic and Wellness Center at Harbor UCLA)

Day 2: Norcross Family Medicine office in Rolling Hills Estates
Meet with registered dietitian nutritionist for dietary advice tailored to your needs and lab results. Then receive a fitness evaluation with personal trainer in the office. 
Final "wrap up" meeting with Dr. Norcross to review all results.
Receive a full summary of all studies done in booklet form and USB drive.

To Schedule or for general information call (310) 541-8919

1. Complete metabolic panel
2. Complete blood count
3. VAP cholesterol panel(LDL/HDL subfractions, type A and B)
5. Thyroid panel
6. Pancreatic enzymes
7. Liver enzymes
8. Cardiac markers: hsCRP, Lp(a), Apo100, Homocysteine
9 Vitamin D and B12
 10. Cancer : CA 125, CA 19-9, CEA, CA 15-3
11. Appropriate sex hormones

Coronary Artery Scan
This is a CT scan of the heart that helps detect calcified plaque in the coronary arteries of your heart. The arteries that if damaged result in heart attacks and heart disease.

Body Scan
This is a CT scan that looks at the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, abdominal aorta, adrenal glands, lymph nodes, spleen, and certain pelvic organs.It can detect aneurisms, vascular disease, tumors, kidney and gall bladder stones.

CT scans performed at Diagnostic & Wellness Center, A Division of Cardiology at Harbor UCLA

Dietitian Consultation
You will have a one-on-one consult with a registered dietician to review your current diet and your future dietary goals based on the results of your questionnaire and your study results.  They will make personalized recommendations to optimize a healthy lifestyle for you.

Consultation will take place at the Norcross Family Medicine office.
Physician Physical
Your one-on-one physical with the doctor will be at least an hour and entails a history going back to your birth.
Head to toe physical including but not limited to; Full Skin Check, Cardiovascular exam, PAP and breast exam for women, Prostate for men. Also review vaccine history, travel history, and future preventative medicine milestones.

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